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Sometimes life throws us a financial curve ball just we can't handle, maybe a business deal gone bad, a layoff with a long period of unemployment where your house is foreclosed, an illness with a mountain of medical bills, a devastating divorce, the list is endless. Under any one of these circumstances a 750 FICO score can be crushed to 500 or less creating a situation where one cannot get a new mortgage, even a sub-prime mortgage with a large down payment. 

People in these kinds of unfortunate circumstances want the comforts and stability of owning a home and they have stable, steady jobs with strong incomes but their credit is so bad they are forced out of the home buying market, sometimes for many years.

By using any one of Option B Real Estate's three solutions these individual can enjoy home ownership now while having ample time to rebuild their credit and knowing in the future they will be able to obtain and new loan and paid off the existing mortgage in full.